We Helped This Custom Manufacturer Generate $1.5m in New Opportunities

Working with a custom manufacturer, we were able to help them generate $1.5m in new business using Marketing Automation and Web Strategy.

Overview 👉

The Problem This Custom Manufacturer Faced

As a growing business this company was acquiring several smaller companies in the same manufacturing space. As they grew their lead database, they realized they did not have an effective way to properly capture, store, and market to their growing list of Leads and Customers. 

They needed a way to keep their current Customers engaged, educate Leads and Customers on the new product lines, and maintain the relationship that their acquisition had buit.

How We Solved Their Problem

In order to capture leads, build relationships and nurture ongoing, we adopted marketing automation and a web-based strategy to…

  • Segment their audience based on Status and Segment
  • Set up evergreen nurture email programs to onboard new Leads and Contacts
  • Launched an educational email series to build brand awareness
  • Set up multiple landing pages and web forms to capture new leads and properly assign them
  • Alert sales rep when a Lead or Contact met a certain activity threshold, identifying them as MQL (marketing qualified leads)
  • Maintain database cleanliness and capture lost records from Zoominfo

During Q1 of 2021 we were able to help them drive:

  • 28% increase in Landing Page Conversions
  • 16% increase in New Form Submissions
  • 1,522 new Contacts influenced Opportunities
  • $1.5m in new Opportunities in Q1 2021


0 %+
Landing Page Conversions
0 %+
Form Submissions
Influenced Contacts
$ 0 m
New Opportunities

The Challenge 🤜

Lack of a way to market to new and existing Leads and Customers effectively and ongoing

Bogged down by an underutilized marketing communications channel, this manufacturer was unable to connect with their audience in the way that they wanted with the frequency they needed.

Additionally, they lacked a firm grasp on who their audience was based on their database segmentation–their own grown CRM was not enough for them to effectively know who to engage and when to engage them.

This manufacturer lacked visibility into who their ideal customer was and how they could nurture new business effectively and consistently.

Our Solution 💡

Implement a Marketing Automation solution that turned their database into identifiable prospects

After identifying their unique challenges, we realized that the best solution was to implement a robust Marketing Automation solution that could help identify and segment their prospects so that they could market to them more effectively. 

  • Database Segmentation: By looking at historical data on different Lead and Contact records based on Name, Email, Company, Address, Industry, etc. we were able to segment out the database and create smaller, targeted groups that we could communicate to.
  • Database Hygiene: The next step was to remove all of the inactive or inaccurate records from the database.
  • Nurture Programs: Once we knew our segments, we set up unique nurture programs to start educating and warming our prospects up for our sales team. Through nurture programs, we were able to see what our segments were engaging with, what worked, and drive high intent actions.
  • Custom Forms and Landing Pages: Using the Marketing Automation platform we created unique landing pages and forms to capture prospect intent and determine which leads we can pass off to the sales team.
  • Lead Scoring and Alerts: The final step to this process was to set up a lead scoring model and series of sales alerts to notify the sales team of hot and potentially interested leads. This allowed marketing to close the gap and reduce at least one silo that existed. 

Within 12 months we were able to turn around the marketing strategy of this custom manufacturer to get them in front of prospects, nurturing new business, and staying top of mind with longtime clients. 

Results 📈

$1.5m In New Revenue leveraging Marketing Automation and Web Strategy

The strength of any organization really lies with the people behind it. Without a marketing automation strategy they were able to do incredible things for their business, but by leveraging the power of a marketing automation platform, we were able to help elevate their strategy and drive $1.5m in new opportunities for their business.

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