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You focus on healthy living and we focus on health marketing 😊

Through proven strategy and reliable processes, we help health and wellness companies and clinics connect with their audience to get new patients, sell more products, bolster their brand, and stay engaged with their core audience.


Lead Generation 💵

Years ago, all you needed to do in order to get new business was to set up a physical location and maybe have some print ads. Heck, maybe run a few TV spots. Fast forward to today and digital marketing has become a necessary staple in any marketing strategy.

We use platforms like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn to build paid advertising campaigns to get in front of prospective new patients consistently, every single day while showing a realtime ROI for your ad spend.


Web Design + Development 🖥️

A good website is not just a online brochure, or at least, it shouldn’t be. A great website and web strategy should function like a salesperson working 24 hours a day to sell, educate, and capture potential customers for your practice or business.

Our approach to web strategy is not just built on making websites that are pretty or check the minimum boxes. We look to turn your website into a money-making asset for your business.


Email + SMS Automation 📱

Email marketing is a crucial part of any marketing strategy. When you have someone’s email address, you have a direct line to them to get your message out. We help build out robust and automated email marketing campaigns to educate and nurture your new Leads and Customers.

In the same way, SMS has become more and more a crucial part of this marketing process. We do the same thing as email by building automatic SMS appointment requests, reminders, marketing messages, and more. Simply put, if you aren’t using email marketing and SMS marketing you are missing out on an awesome opportunity to connect with your audience.


An approach that isn't cookie cutter 🍪

Step 1: Discovery
Before we ever give out a quote or a scope of work, we commit with each client to a 1-hour phone call to understand their organization's unique needs. This is a non-negotiable–we firmly believe that knowing your 'why' is just as important as delivering your 'what'.
Step 2: Solutions Presentation
Once we have identified your unique needs, we then spend another hour to develop a scope of services that we can deliver which we believe will help you hit your goals. We will cover this with you on a call and breakdown our exact strategy, approach, timeline and KPIs.
Step 3: Scope of Work
Once we have both agreed on what your organization needs and what the scope of that work and relationship look like, we send over a scope of work and then we are off to the races!
Step 4: Scope of Work
Once we have both agreed on what your organization needs and what the scope of that work and relationship look like, we send over a scope of work and then we are off to the races!

What we did for one medical practice looking for new patients 💆

  • $180k+ in brand new in-office appointments in one month
  • 248% increase in Free Consultations
  • 33% decrease in Facebook advertising costs
  • 546 headaches saved (can’t put a price on that, right?)

Ready to inject your digital marketing
strategy with hyper-fuel?🚀

If you have been seriously looking into digital marketing, but aren’t sure where to start, we will do a completely free consultation to review your digital marketing strategy give you a complete list of recommended action items you should take to elevate your current digital marketing strategy. The information is yours to keep – no hard sales tactics here.